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How to use this site

This site is here to help parents get to grips with their baby’s colic. There are two key resources at your disposal:

Our Virtual Colic Surgery – open 24/7!

Ask our expert midwife a question via our pioneering web application (accessible on both mobile and tablet) by selecting it from the dropdown or alternatively typing it into the box provided.

Nikki answers 50 of the most commonly asked questions about colic, and if you can't see your question listed within the app please feel free to email it through and we’ll attempt to answer it within 48 hours.

Is It Colic? Test

Take our quick fire ‘Is It Colic?’ test by answering 10 simple questions and we'll help you diagnose whether your baby is suffering from the symptoms of colic. This is an early indication tool only and should not be used for confirmed diagnosis.